As the festivities begin, the lights and chimes will fill our homes. In between the nicely decorated houses and streets glowing in joy it will bring one of the most loved festival of Tihar. So, are you looking forward to family gatherings and exchanging sweets and gifts? If yes, then We have brought you a list of 10 best Tihar gifts you can give this Tihar.

#1 Personalised Gifts
This season exchange the personalised gifts by getting mugs and T-shirts with quotes and bring smile to your dearest’s face. For more unique option engrave your message on the back of the Okhar Watch and surprise your siblings. It makes a memorable gift for everyone.

#2 Chocolates and baked Candies
Who doesn’t enjoy eating? Specially during festivals, the Chocolates and bakes are never a no. One of the best gift items for foodies is embracing their sweet tooth. Make an assorted collection of sweets and candies from the place they like the most.

#3 Woodwatch
Okhar holds a very auspicious value in this festival celebrating the beautiful relationship between the families. This beautiful watch makes not only stylish but a unique Tihar gift. Specially on Bhaitika you can customize it for your sibilings and cousins by attaching a sweet message on the watch and fill their hearts. This gift is also a very wise choice during this pandemic as it is delivered right at your home!

#4 Wallets and accessories
Wallets are as it is the essentials. Giving it as a gift is always a thoughtful idea and adding some accessories along will make the best of gift. You can add Customizable Okhar Card holder by engraving the Names to your elders or make a set of Wooden Bow ties, cufflinks from Okhar for male. For females Okhar has exciting fancy Wooden earrings to add on to your gifts. This will not only be an efficient but stylish gift for Tihar.

#5 Bags
Does anyone love to travel? Then why not help them go bag packing by gifting them an amazing, portable and convenient. Or do they need a stylish bag or satchel for office, university or school.

#6 Grooming Kit
Help your closets’ look their best self, by gifting them a grooming kit with their favourite products! This will make an amazing gift for all for Tihar.

Why not gift a pair of smart and stylish pair of shoes? Shoes can define personality of and make a person stand out in the crowd. It is often said good shoes takes you to great places.

#8 Books
There is always one booklover in a family. Gift them a beautiful set of books of their favourite genre. Gift them an intriguing series of books which will keep them glued.

#9 Wooden Sunglasses
Sunglasses as a gift always lit up the face. Gift a Wooden Sunglasses for this Tihar made out of Okhar wood with initials of name engraved in its temple or gift an Okhar Tihar Pack with stylish Wooden Sunglasses along with all the Bhaitika Masalas enclosed in one.

#10 Okhar Tihar Pack
If you would like to switch from the regular pattern. an exclusive Okhar Tihar Pack is the perfect. Okhar Tihar Pack is designed to take off your burden to plan out and prepare for gifts with its pack of joy to surprise your loved one. An Tihar Okhar Pack has all the Tihar Bhaitika essentials along with Okhar watch assuring you to make the day more memorable and with Okhar Watch the glimpse of your celebration will remain fresh every time you glance your wrist.

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