The day to celebrate romance and love is right around the corner.The  Valentine’s day is a big day to reflect on love not just between the lovers but friends & family and most importantly self. The jollies that Valentines bring to everyone’s heart is enigmatic and the urge to do something special is unavoidable. So,Here are some of the surprises for your valentine to make it special.


Watch that speaks for itself

This would be the jaw dropping surprise to your valentine. A wooden watch that will speak the words of your heart without you even saying a word. You can get the message engraved on the back of the Okhar Watch and send a surprise to the destination and let the watch do its work on your behalf. You can get the message of love, admiration, symbols, sign and just anything on these Okhar Watch that will indeed make the best surprise.


Cute heart that carries love

Everything is basically the heart around valentines and so is this cute little heart?. No, there is more to it because you aren’t going to leave your lover without a surprise, especially in Valentine’s right?. Ask them to open this cute little heart and it will make their heart race, because what could be more surprising than the ring that is unique and can be personalized. These Wooden Hearted Rings are to make the most out of  Valentine.


Elegant Natural beauties 

As valentine is approaching plans to dress up and live up the day is basic and to those who love accessorizing their looks can gift your friends, girlfriend, your family member or be it yourself a surprise of nice set of earrings that aren’t just any common earrings but a lightweight elegant earrings made up of beautiful nature. Isn’t it a great way to express your love while the surprise of earrings so comfortable comes in handy.


Men’s box of treasure

Something unique to cater to the needs of making Valentine special for men could be a minimalist set of assessories, that comprieses of Bow tie, Cufflink and Pocket square. Different from regular Bow ties these will bring a surprise to men on realization of it being of wood, however this isn’t it. The set has a cufflink where you can add the initials of the names. It is even more exciting. The perfect box of treasure on an exciting day.


Surprise Sunnies

Moving on from the conventional gift pattern you can always be extra by gifting the Okhar Shades. Pour your heart out loud with the shade that will make your person feel extremely special because not everyone gets to wear the wooden shade right?. Unveil the love with the sunnies and leave your partner stunned in the delightful day of love. Leave no chance to make your precious one feel the importance of them in your life.

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